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Friday, 8 February 2013

First Week


  It’s a daunting thing writing a blog. I’m one of those people who constantly second guesses themselves and asks “why should anyone care what I think?”

Despite this, more people than I thought kindly put up with the bad writing, read the posts and said nice things about them. Thank you for your kindness.

My ideas around this blog are constantly evolving; nothing is yet set in stone. I don’t envision the blog being a review site of new films, there is plenty of those about. I see it as a platform to have deeper, more personal conversations about movies that have made a real impression on me or guest writers – whether that impression is good or bad.

There will be no star system or number system or thumbs up/down system. Lists however...

Just a couple of frequent questions that I’m being asked on Twitter and Facebook:

How often will you be posting? Three times a week – Wednesday to Friday. No reason whatsoever behind this, just laziness.

Why no comments section? This is an idea I stole from Andrew Sullivan’s political blog, The Dish. It’s not that I don’t want to discuss my blog or I don’t want to hear criticism, I really do – I just prefer for people to email me their thoughts at Like The Dish, I plan to use reader’s comments as separate posts airing agreement/dissent and answering them that way. It may work out, it might not.

How can I become a guest writer and are there any criteria? Email me at  No, there are no rules on what to write about, I just ask that you don’t make it too long and you write about films in general.

Is your name really Mr Chocolate Teddy Bear? Yes, yes it is.

The guest posts will be the life blood of this blog, I truly believe that. I’ve already got a few guest pieces banked and all of them are smarter, funnier and better written than anything I could ever come up with. So please, if you do fancy writing something for the site, or have written something already and would like it on the site, email me at

Coming up next week: “I almost ignored the magic of Disney’s Cinderella”, “Death to Tomatoes: A defense of White Chicks” and the first guest post.

Again, thank you for your time.