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Thursday, 7 March 2013

500 Days of Romance

I've known Kayleigh for a deceptively long time and with all due respect, she is the most unashamedly "girly girl" person I've ever met. As well as being a pretty awesome person, she's also a wonderful photographer who runs her own business. Go and check out or follow her on twitter

Here is her cool little piece on romance movies. 


So I have a degree in Media Production, but if you asked whether I’d seen a certain film, chances are, I haven’t. I’ve seen films you’ve probably never heard of, or films that are, well let’s say, crap. 

Right now, I feel like Carrie Bradshaw, typing away on a Mac laptop - talking rubbish. That’s a joke - Carrie never talks rubbish - I love her. Sex and The City is my bible.

Why? Because girls love a bit of romance. In fact boys do too but it’s not cool is it?

One film I love for romance is 500 Days of Summer. If you haven’t seen it then you should. If I have seen a film, then you should of too!

This film flips the traditional love story on its head and has one of the coolest split screens in a film. And here it is… 

Why I like this film is because it’s not traditional. We see a guy, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, deal with heartbreak, instead of the other way round. We almost feel angry at Summer (played by Zooey Deschannel) for what she does, but why? Technically, she did nothing wrong. I like how this film keeps you on your toes; you expect a happy ending, because that’s what the history of films have taught us should happen (Unless its horror, that never ends well).

I love this film because it makes you feel sad, but happy. It makes you feel what each character is feeling and that’s what I love most about films. I want to empathise with a character. In a way, that why I hold up my hands and say I’m not a massive fan of sci-fi – I want to a film I can relate to – and that’s why I love romance.