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Monday, 15 July 2013

Alternative: iHero review

After last week’s British film week I am convinced that there is a misconception about the lack of talent on this little Island. Although I chose three films to cover, I had an (damn near) endless list of movies I could have picked to feature during the week. The truth is Britain is brimming with talent and ideas that could easily make its way onto the small screen.

One such example of talent is our very own Doctor Batman,aka Luke Halsall. Along with studying the classics of comics, he also happens to be a comic writer himself. He and artist Graeme Kennedy have just released their new project, iHero.

What grabbed me straight away about iHero is the concept. At first thought it is utterly ridiculous. An electronic gadget that gives its wearer the super-powers of their choice? Word? But those reservations are quickly diminished when you see how well this idea is realised and then you start to kick yourself for not thinking of it first.

What I loved most about this comic, apart from the idea and the writing, is that there are quirky references everywhere - deep-down geeky references (I got a slight whiff of Watchmen reading this). You can tell that this thing was put together not only by people that understood comics but people that love the medium.

The only blemish that I would put against iHero is its art. This is nothing against Mr Kennedy, I am just one of those readers that prefer a certain type of art to my comics. I am sure others will dig it just fine.

This first issue sends out one clear message to my mind. There is a wealth of world class story telling talent in this country. The well is deep and I hope someone with a lot of money and influence taps into it.

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