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Saturday, 20 July 2013

The other Python movies.

After positively gushing over The Life of Brian, I wanted to give my quick thoughts on the other three films they produced.

And now for something completely different.

This was the first Monty Python movie I’ve ever seen and it must have done its job because after the first sketch (How not to be seen) I was hooked. Consistently funny and on occasion belly achingly hilarious. As I’ve said previously the Dead Parrot sketch is classic but there are some gems like, 'Marriage Councillor', 'Nudge Nudge', 'The Flasher', 'Girls in Bikinis' and 'The Restaurant sketch'.

Made entirely out of re-shot sketches from their television series, it is because of this film that I have that said series in my Amazon basket.

The Meaning of Life.

A brilliant film in the same vein as ‘something completely different’.  A group of sketches held together by a simple concept. I would say that this is Python’s Bad rather than their Thriller. They have their ‘The way you make me feel’, ‘Dirty Diana’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ in ‘Every sperm is sacred’, ‘Zulu’ and ‘Sex Education’ scenes. There is also some duff (aka ‘Just good friends’ to take the Michael Jackson analogy further), the fat man scene is disgusting.

Holy Grail.

And then there is The Holy Grail. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t get it at all. I didn’t think it was funny. Ironically, I thought it was just... silly.

Yet, I’ve spoken to a lot of people who swear by this film, who think it is a masterpiece worth mentioning in the same sentence as The Life of Brian. I personally give these people the side eye.

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