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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Guest Post: The show must go on

This lovely little piece was written by my friend Jess Everett. One of the few sad things about being a new father is the fact that I haven't had many opportunities to go to the cinema - first world problems and all that, right? But there is something special about being in an enclosed space with smelly strangers, as Jess explains below.

As an aside, Jess has one of the best speaking voices known to man.
 Just saying.


Attending the movies is a communal experience and some movies were just meant to be seen in the theatre. Much like music aficionados who claim the only way to really know a band is to see them live, or sports fans who travel continents not only for the joy of cheering on their team but also to experience being part of the crowd, when you go to a theatre and watch a movie you become part of something.

Inspiring films move us more when watched with others. The dread in a horror movie becomes more real as the person behind you gasps and screams. Jokes are more enjoyable when others are laughing with you. And epic moments are more memorable when you high-five the stranger next you (this actually happened to me during the first screening of Attack of The Clones. Apparently the gentleman really enjoyed a good Yoda fight).

Movies are a defining moment for generations. Anyone who experienced the first Star Wars trilogy in the theatre has an immediate connection. Growing up and watching every Harry Potter movie, waiting in anticipation for the next Lord of the Rings, and knowing every song lyric to The Lion King are moments that connect us all.

We all remember our first movie. The thrill of watching the screen light up and seeing larger than imaginable characters flood your view. The goosebumps that leave you feeling nervous and excited, and the joy of having your very own popcorn and sneaking ninja cuddles*with your movie date.

Although cinemas have been pricing themselves out of relevancy for years, I will continue to make the sacrifice as long as I can afford it. Why? Because for me there is nothing like a night out at the movies.

*The phrase “ninja cuddle” and its adorable relevance to movie theatre watching is borrowed from the film loving @8bitbatman